Teaching Development


The outcomes of the programme include enabling academics to:

  • Align their assessment practices with specific outcomes set for the course.
  • Utilize a range of appropriate methods of assessment to make valid and reliable judgements about students’ performance and respond appropriately to diversity.
  • Use continuous assessment in a manner which promotes learning.
  • Use Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA), where appropriate, to enhance assessment procedures.
Contact Information
Ms Eunice Champion
Ms Eunice Champion
Position: Academic Staff Development Professional
Phone: +27 41 504 3210
Email: Eunice.Champion@mandela.ac.za

Through the Assessment programme the Teaching Development team seeks to assist the Nelson Mandela University academics to design, develop and implement innovative, relevant, and theoretically underpinned assessment practice to improve their teaching and the students’ learning. Academics that participate on the programme will be able to adopt a constructive alignment approach to teaching, learning and assessment. The purpose of the programme is to develop academics’ theoretical understanding of assessment and to enable an informed implementation of assessment processes informed by key assessment principles in the context of higher education.