Teaching Development


The outcomes of the programme include:

  • Identifying that teaching and learning is not a common-sense practice
  • Enabling conducive teaching and learning spaces for students
  • Engaging in teaching, learning and research opportunities at Nelson Mandela University
  • Exploring opportunities for collaboration across departmental and faculty boundaries
  • Engaging with the university’s iLearn Moodle platform
Contact Information
Ms Anne-Mart Olsen
Ms Anne Olsen
Position: Academic Developer
Phone: 0415043037
Email: anne-mart.olsen@mandela.ac.za

The purpose of the BYJ programme is to empower academics along their teaching and learning journey, from classroom preparation, to delivery, to evaluation and, finally, to reflection to enable their own, and their students’, success at Nelson Mandela University.

The first offering is in the first semester and is repeated in the second semester. Participants are only required to attend one of the two offerings. However, each offering the BYJ programme has 2 legs, attendance to the full programme is required.

All newly appointed academics staff members (full-time, contract and part-time) who have not yet attended this programme, are invited to register for the programme.

The BYJ programme offers a scaffolded approach, which is augmented by other teaching development initiatives and programmes that will enable the development of experiential knowledge (personal competencies) and epistemic knowledge (reflexive competencies) throughout the academic year.  Initiatives that augment the programme include:

  • Early Career Academics Advancement Programme (ECAAP)
  • Teaching Enhancement Programme (TEP)
  • The Assessment Short Learning Programme
  • The Carpe Diem approach to collaborative curriculum development
  • Academic Literacies workshops
  • Mentoring circles