Teaching Development


The outcomes of the programme include:

  • Promoting a scholarly approach to teaching
  • Enhancing the competence of acdemcis in the evaluation of Learning, teaching and assessment
  • Enabling reflective and reflexive learning and teaching practices
Contact Information
Viwe Ndayi
Ms Viwe Ndayi
Position: Academic Developer
Phone: 041 504 3415
Email: viwe.ndayi@mandela.ac.za
Ms Eunice Champion
Ms Eunice Champion
Position: Academic Staff Development Professional
Phone: +27 41 504 3210
Email: Eunice.Champion@mandela.ac.za

A teaching portfolio is a means to evaluate, reflect and document teaching activities with the aim of improving teaching practice and students’ learning. Teaching portfolio should fulfil a specific purpose. It  may be used as a formative (ongoing) for personal development, as a summative (one-time) for showcasing expertise in teaching and achievements over time, or both. Sometimes it is needed to keep both summative and formative portfolios although they serve different purposes. It is important to note the areas of commonality between the two portfolios. A teaching portfolio is a living document; it will change over time as the academics evaluate their teaching, reflect and act on the results, and develop varied approaches to teaching.