Teaching Development


The outcomes of the programme include:

  • Scanning multiple-choice assessments 
  • Scanning student feedback questionnaires
Contact Information
Ms Nqabisa Nzenze
Ms Nqabisa Nzenze
Phone: +27 41 504 9056
Email: Nqabisa.Nzenze@mandela.ac.za
The Teaching Excellence Cluster provides a scanning facility to mark multiple choice assessments, in addition to reporting on student evaluations. Kindly familiarize yourself with the process to ensure the integrity of your assessments and/or evaluations.

What services do we offer?

To make use of the scanning service kindly request the pink multiple-choice bubble sheets from Ms Nqabisa Nzenze. For assessment purposes the sheets will be billed against the relevant cost centre but are available at no charge for student evaluations
Assessments and evaluations can only be processed if the original CSX378 pink multiple-choice bubble sheets are used. 

Helpful information 

To ensure efficient results please complete the Essential Information Form, available from Ms Nzenze, before submitting your request.  Kindly ensure that this form accompanies all your scanning requests.  
When submitting your request kindly include the following important information: 
  • The cost centre where the internal transfers can be made
  • Whether the sheets are for evaluations or assessments
  • Which department the request originates from 
  • Who the relevant contact person is with regard to the results and feedback
Student evaluations are treated with the utmost of confidentiality. Please provide the correct information to ensure the integrity of the process.

Scanning assessments

The scanning of formative and summative assessments is completed using the CSX378 pink multiple-choice bubble sheets. When ordering the bubble sheets from Ms Nzenze for assessment purposes, kindly provide your department’s cost centre number so she may charge the centre for the number of forms requested. 

Submitting student assessments for scanning

When submitting multiple choice assessments for scanning purposes kindly complete the Essential Information form and submit the form with the assessments that require scanning.
In addition, please also take note of the following: 
  • Complete a pink bubble sheet as your memorandum through colouring all the 1’s in the student number and ID number section of the bubble sheet.
  • Circle only one answer per question
  • Questions with more than one answer cannot be processed by the scanner. 
  • We are unable to accommodate negative marking requests.
  • Please ensure that the memo is correct, as we are unable to make changes to the memo on your behalf. Place the memorandum at top of the assessments when submitting the assessments
  • The results will be e-mailed to you, as per the essential information form.
  • Original assessment forms will be returned via internal mail. 
Please note: During examination periods, for security and quality control purposes, internal mail cannot be used to receive or return assessments. 

Scanning evaluations

The scanning of the students’ evaluations and feedback of their experience in the classroom for the lecturer’s professional development is a free service offered by the teaching development team. 
Due to the confidential nature of the evaluation of teaching and courses the results will only be returned to the academic that was evaluated.  However, should the Essential Information form indicate an alternative contact the results will be forwarded to the academic and the alternative contact person copied in the correspondence. 
Please note that the student evaluation questionnaire is anonymous. Kindly remind students not to include their names or student numbers on the bubble sheets.
Please following the following process when submitting evaluation form scanning purposes: 
  • Kindly complete the Essential Information form.
  • In order to enable accurate and confidential correspondence kindly ensure that all the relevant fields are completed 
  • Submit your request with the Essential Information Form
  • Results will be communicated via e-mail
  • Original evaluation forms will be returned via internal mail for perusal of written feedback

Important information

To streamline the scanning process, kindly take note of the following: 
  • Do not write anything on top of the bubble sheet where the barcode is printed
  • Do not staple the sheets
  • Do not fold the sheets
  • Do not tear the sheets
  • Do not use elastic to keep them together
  • Only use original sheets bubble sheets