Teaching Development


The outcomes of the programme include:

  • Professionalising teaching at Mandela University through enhancing the status of teaching, the development of inclusively and socially just teaching practices, promoting the construction of positive teaching identities and supporting innovation in all facets of learning, teaching and assessment.
  • Encouraging academics to adopt scholarly teaching and learning approach and increasingly engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
  • Evaluating, reflecting and documenting professional practice in order to plan continuous development and commitment to learning and teaching enhancement at Nelson Mandela University.
Contact Information
Ms Eunice Champion
Ms Eunice Champion
Position: Academic Staff Development Professional
Phone: +27 41 504 3210
Email: Eunice.Champion@mandela.ac.za

The Teaching Enhancement Programme (TEP) is a programme that provides a collaborative space for learning and teaching development in the Mandela University where academics work collaboratively with Teaching Development team to explore various approaches to and understandings of ‘teaching for learning’. The programme aims to work collaboratively with academics to explore learning, teaching and assessment from a scholarly perspective in order to enable lifelong learning and to encourage reflexivity and praxis. The programme offers a structured, pro-active, context specific, a collaborative and safe space, and flexible approach to enhancing teaching development for novice and early career academics at the Nelson Mandela University. It enables faculties to utilize the full programme, or aspects of the programme, on a customized basis.